Why do I keep failing my promo?

There are many reasons why it should be happening, in this article we will be talking about the common reasons a promo is failed and how it can be fixed in no time.

1. Because I played bad

That’s correct, sometimes there are games, and consequently, promos, that we lose for playing with the feet, sometimes is not our fault, sometimes we are just tilted, or in the enemy team there is a smurf who got 20 kills in 18 minutes because someone is also playing with the feet, either way, this is one of the main reasons

2. Because there is a troll

This is the most common reason why we lose games, someone with many numbers and the word “smurf” in his name, someone who is just hard tilted and wants to keep playing until he/she wins a game, which will be, in fact, difficult with all those inting movements and plays. Sometimes the player is just directly dying on purpose because they don’t care about winning (or life) anymore. Then, you go and check his match history and then you see this

3 Because there is a smurf or a booster in the enemy team

This also happens, sometimes it is not your fault, sometimes it is, but this one in particular makes you lose game ONLY if there are in enemy team, but let’s say you failed your promo because there was a booster in the enemy team, this is actually an avoidable reason and it is fixable.

With that set, how can I win my promos without issues?

Simple. Since the reason 1 and the reason 2 are not avoidable at all, you can use the reason 3 in your favor, buying elo boost from professional websites, this way, you totally ensure you will have the win condition in your side, because boosters are always Master or higher players, at least those who are hired by nameable websites. If you are afraid of giving your account credentials, it doesn’t matter, because there are 2 main booting options. Duo boost and Solo Boost.

Duo boost means a booster will be playing with you and Solo Boost means a booster will play in your account, even if the booster is playing in your account, it is safe, because boosters in websites with years of experience should be using VPN and offline mode to keep your privacy. It will be a decision you will not regret, give it a try!


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