How can we get better in League of Legends?

Tricky question, but with simple answer

When we think about “getting better” or “improve”, we directly think on Faker doing a 1 v 5, or any LCS, LCK or Worlds player who is the top of the top and humiliate everyone, even in challenger, so the question also comes here, why are they so good? As the heading says, it is pretty simple: They get better because they play and play with people in higher elos, they slowly have become the kings of Solo Q and kings of League of Legends. So the answer is pretty simple, play and climb elo, if you keep playing and working on it, you’ll get better soon.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that some players directly don’t want to win, or we don’t have enough time to play the whole process from Gold 4 to Platinum 4, is there a solution for this? However, even when bad teammates are not avoidable, there is a solution, it is known as elo boosting.

What is elo boosting?

Elo boosting is, literally, someone playing in your account or someone playing with you, helping you, of course, to get your desired rank. As I mentioned previously, the boosters can play in your account or can play with you, what’s the difference? The difference, strictly, is in one you’ll be giving your account credentials, in the other one, you will not but it doesn’t matter the option you choose, the boosters are professionals, and, as professionals, they will always do the work in the best way possible, keeping the confidence and safety.

Is it safe?

The short answer is: Yes, it is! There are dedicated websites to elo boost, and they have awesome features to keep your privacy, doesn’t matter the option you choose; boosters with years of experience, every player is Master or higher, even when not all games are winnables, they will do their best to hard carry every game.

Where should I buy it?

Nice question! As I mentioned before, there are dedicated websites for it, like this one, which has a lot of options. You don’t want your friends to watch someone is playing at your account? Not a problem, boosters can use offline mode and the boosters will always use VPN, so when they play they will appear as offline. It also have excellent extra options, like specific champs or streaming, in case you wish to watch the games in live, that’s also possible. You are not satisfied? Money back insurance and 24/7 customer support. If you wish to climb and improve at the same time, give it a try, you will not regret it!


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