The Best Solo Queue Champions for Every Role in LoL Patch 14.6

Welcome back to our patch 14.6 roundup of the best solo queue carries for every role in League of Legends! As always, we’ve got you covered with three top-tier picks that can help you climb the ranks and dominate your games.

Now, let’s kick things off with the top lane. Our first pick is none other than Dr. Mundo. Thanks to the indirect buffs to Heartsteel and Sunfire Aegis last patch, Mundo has solidified his place as one of the best solo queue top laners for Diamond and below. His straightforward playstyle and incredible tankiness make him a force to be reckoned with, especially once he hits his two-item spike. Just watch out for Trundle – his ultimate can steal your resistances, so consider banning him if you’re planning to pick Mundo.

Next up, we have Urgot, the reliable top lane powerhouse. With few bad matchups and a strong blind pick potential, Urgot is a solid choice for any top laner. His Hullbreaker and Black Cleaver core provide a clear win condition, and his 1v1 and even 1v2 strength become insane once he completes these items. Fleet Footwork has been gaining traction as the go-to keystone for Urgot, thanks to its synergy with his W and the sustain it provides in extended fights.

For those looking to hard carry from the top lane, look no further than Olaf. With Ghost and Flash, Olaf has incredible all-in potential early in the lane, and once you master his limits, you can easily snowball your lead. The recent change to Tiamat, now a component of Stridebreaker, has indirectly buffed Olaf, allowing him to rush this perfect item for instant wave clear, sticking power, and all the stats he craves. Pair it with Sunderer, and you’ll be an unstoppable force in skirmishes.

Moving on to the jungle, we have Warwick making a comeback in patch 14.6. With nerfs to meta junglers like Kha’Zix and Lee Sin, Warwick has found success against popular picks like Kayn and Hecarim. A new carry build featuring Stridebreaker, Eclipse, and Titanic Hydra has been popping off in solo queue, capitalizing on the strength of these recently buffed items. Warwick struggles against champions with strong peel, so consider banning out meta supports like Janna or Lulu to maximize your impact in teamfights.

For mid lane, Ahri reigns supreme in patch 14.6. Dodging nerfs and benefiting from Karma’s reduced priority, Ahri is the best solo queue midlaner right now. Her ability to abuse broken items like Mejai’s and Lich Bane, combined with the direct buffs she received a few patches ago, make her an incredibly forgiving and powerful pick. Even Horizon Focus has emerged as a viable alternative to Lich Bane, as seen in pro play. While Ahri doesn’t have many terrible matchups, Qiyana can be a pain, so consider banning her if you’re looking to dominate on the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Finally, we have an underrated pick for mid lane: Nidalee. While she may not be getting as much attention as Ahri, Nidalee is incredibly powerful thanks to her ability to abuse Eclipse, arguably the most overpowered fighter item in the game. Paired with Prowler’s Claw and Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Nidalee’s burst potential becomes insane, while the shield from Eclipse provides some added durability. Mobile champions can be tricky for Nidalee to lock down, so consider banning out Ahri to make your life easier.

That’s it for our patch 14.6 roundup of the best solo queue champions for every role! Remember, if you want to take your gameplay to the next level, head over to and check out our updated courses, champion guides, and exclusive Challenger content. With our risk-free guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the link in the description and start your climb to the top today!