Overwatch Season 10: Predictions and Expectations

As the highly-anticipated Season 10 of Overwatch approaches, the community is buzzing with excitement and speculation about what the new season will bring. With just over three weeks until the season drops, players are eager to share their predictions and hopes for the upcoming content.

One of the most significant points of interest is the mythic skin. The community is curious about which hero will be graced with this coveted cosmetic and what theme it will follow. Many players are hoping for a tank or DPS hero to receive the mythic skin, as these roles have been somewhat underrepresented in previous mythic releases.

Pharah seems to be a popular choice among the community for the mythic skin. With her iconic jetpack and explosive gameplay, a mythic skin for Pharah could be a stunning addition to the game. Some players have even suggested an Egyptian mythology theme for the skin, which could also extend to other heroes like Ramattra and Ana.

Another topic of discussion is the potential for two new mythic skins to be added to the mythic shop. This would be a significant increase from previous seasons and could indicate a greater focus on cosmetic content in Season 10. If this prediction proves true, many players hope to see a balance between tank and DPS heroes receiving these premium skins.

In terms of gameplay changes, the community has a few ideas about what might be in store. Some players are predicting a resistance to the DPS passive for tanks, which could help to balance the current meta. Others are hoping for a return to the 20% DPS passive, which was a popular feature in previous seasons. One way to make sure you know the meta is to play with pro Overwatch rank boosters, as they’re always on point with their plays and rotations.

Genji, who has been a dominant force in recent seasons, is also a topic of discussion. Many players are expecting nerfs to this hero to bring him more in line with other DPS characters. While nerfs can be disappointing for Genji mains, they could be necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced game.

One hero that has been the subject of rework rumors is Reaper. The community has been eager for a Reaper rework for some time, and many players were hoping to see it in Season 10. However, recent comments from game director Aaron Keller have suggested that a Reaper rework may not be in the cards for this season. Despite this, players remain hopeful that news on a potential rework will be shared soon.

Overall, the Overwatch community is brimming with anticipation for Season 10. With the potential for new mythic skins, balance changes, and hero reworks, there is no shortage of exciting possibilities on the horizon. As the season draws closer, players will undoubtedly continue to speculate and share their hopes for the future of the game. Regardless of what Season 10 ultimately brings, one thing is certain: the passion and dedication of the Overwatch community will continue to drive the game forward.