What’s the best role to get higher tiers on Overwatch?

Overwatch is just a team game, but that “just” have so many things between “just” and a more complex system that carries a lot of strategies, ways and outplay possibilities. As we know, there are DPS, Tank and Healer on Overwatch, but what role is the best for carrying?

The best role for carrying will always be the more suitable for the person playing. A pro-player, a booster, a smurf, or someone just climbing. All those players have something on common, they know how to play their role, however, we can say that DPS is usually better for carrying, because heroes like Hanzo, Genji and Windowmaker exists. In lower elos, this is true. But, is this true in every elo?

The answer is no, in higher elos, healers are very requested. Zenyatta and Ana are very good for this role, but requieres skill and aiming. Tank is, of course, a well needed role, is not usually the best for carrying, in statistics, but if you are good you can make a huge difference. Also, Roadhog is actually a tank that can also be considered DPS (damage), with his hook and  damage he can easily one shot someone, tank for his team and heal himself.

Ana - Héroes - Overwatch

In higher elos, healers are actually well needed, the team that protects the better the healers usually win, also, healers, well, healing, it’s a very important factor. Correct healing and use of their abilities is needed to achieve the victory.

For example, if you want to play with a professional healer to know how do they play, you can also buy boosting to play with one. They are players with years of experience that know how to play the game. Doesn’t matter the role you wish, there are players that can actually play those roles, tank, DPS, healer, there are players for every role. And usually there are players that can play one specific hero and carry with him/her even in disadvantage, however not every game can be won by this, that’s why part of being pro in Overwatch is knowing how the meta works and how to use it in your favor to win the game.

Play the role that is more suitable for you and play the hero is needed to make a difference! Unless you are a god with Genji and can win even against Mei, Winston and Moira.

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