Summit1g has a strong aversion to tanks in Overwatch 2, and he is not alone in this feeling.

Summit1g, a popular FPS broadcaster, is likely not a fan of Overwatch 2.

The newly launched OW2 made an attempt to shake up the stagnant meta of the original game by reducing the player count to five and switching the match style from six vs six, which meant that each side no longer needed a tank. Blizzard made the tanks more aggressive and tanky to make up for the lack of tanks and strike a balance among the heroes.

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Blizzard may have overcompensated, too. Summit1g failed horribly in suppressing his views about OW2 during a recent stream. Summit1g blew up after being killed by the adversary Orisa.

“There he is holding W as we speak, running at everyone he sees. Un-fucking-believable,” Summit1g muttered, clearly not pleased with how the game was playing out. “I can’t hold my tongue on it. I’m pissed. It’s the most annoying thing ever.”

Many players feel that Orisa and the other tanks are too powerful at the moment. While fans advised him to try using other heroes to fight Orisa, Summit1g had had enough.

The redesigned components of Orisa’s kit make her one of the most potent tanks in OW2. She used to be one of the less aggressive primary tanks, but in the current game, she constantly charges at adversaries. Additionally, she frequently carries a pocket healer and can restore health using Fortify. When the other team’s DPS gets nearby, Orisa will use her Javelin Spin to get in close and personal with them.

Many of the other heroes seem weak in contrast. With just one tank for protection and extremely few health points, the support is especially at risk. There are more team battles and more aggressive play in the new game, but some players are complaining that tanks are too difficult to kill and supports are too easy to pick off.

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Will Orisa get nerfed in Overwatch 2?

Recent Overwatch developer blog posts have focused on tank improvements from Blizzard, but have mostly ignored Orisa. Instead, Blizzard stated that heroes seem balanced enough at the moment because their victory rates range from 45% to 55.

“Instead, our team is planning to make a series of balance changes for Season Two that are in line with our design goal of ensuring the overall game feels balanced and fair while giving each season a more distinct identity,” the devs explained in their blog post. “While we’ll continue looking at hero performance and listening to player feedback prior to finalizing any specific changes to balance for Season Two, we want to share more about what we are seeing so far,”


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