Junglers Ganking Lanes Ending with Patch 13.3

Riot Games is making changes to re-establish the viability of engager supports, which have become less common in the current meta. To achieve this, the balance team is improving the stats, scaling and reducing the mana costs of multiple champions. Additionally, a significant adjustment will be made to Radiant Virtue to decrease its prevalence in all roles. The goal is to make ganking more risk vs reward by addressing the current dominance of ganking junglers.

Additionally, the long-awaited Ahri and Annie buffs, which were postponed due to a recent social engineering attack on Riot, will finally be released in this patch. On the skins front, players can expect the Heartache and Heartthrob skins for Valentine’s Day. A full list of the changes in League Patch 13.3, which will go live on Feb. 8, has not been released yet.

According to the recently released list of changes, the biggest adjustments are the nerfs to Umbral Glaive and Radiant Virtue. This should result in a decrease in their use across all roles. Lee Sin and Leblanc seem to have received the best buffs, which will likely increase their play rate and win rate given their popularity.

The turret damage increase is substantial and will make early game diving more difficult, allowing weaker lanes to develop and grow. This could result in a gradual shift away from bully ADC and ranged support compositions, but the change won’t be immediate as the upcoming patch appears to be well balanced.


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