What is “Elo Hell” in League of Legends?

Elo Hell (also refers as MMR Hell) is a video game term widely used in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video games that release with competitive modes. Most of the time, Elo Hell is referred to as a matchmaking ranking system where particular matches are of poor quality; however, they are determined by poor team coordination and more. Facing such kinds of problems make playing ranked matches difficult for any player; therefore, climbing up the matchmaking ranking is almost impossible under the given conditions. Therefore, we compiled a guide to teach you how to escape Elo-hell.

Before starting, you must understand one thing which is MMR, and how it affects your ranking in League of Legends. MMR is a rating system that calculates the relative skill levels of all players. In League of Legends, the MMR system is used to match players of the same level to avoid unfair gameplay. Now, the same thing is happening in almost every MOBA and Battle Royale game to keep offering fair gameplay.

How to get out of elo hell in League of Legends in Season 10 | by SkyCoach  — LOL Academy | Medium

Learn about Low, High, and Normal MMR

After every victory to lose, you can see your LP whether you lose or win as a number on the post-match summary.

Win: Low MMR (14-17 LP), Normal MMR (17-22 LP), and High MMR (22-40 LP)
Loss: Low MMR (24-28 LP), Normal MMR (15-24 LP), and High MMR (0-15 LP)
You can check the MMR of any player after analyzing the number.

Is Elo-Hell real?

To be honest, there is no existence of Elo-hell mathematically. But somehow, Riot Games have successfully implemented the system to their game which proves itself stable and reliable than others. During the gameplay, whatever players from worldwide do to push their ranks, but ultimately their teams hold them back or due to lack of coordination they stuck forever in a specific role they don’t want to deal with.

HOW TO CLIMB EACH RANK & ESCAPE YOUR ELO - League of Legends Season 10 -  YouTube

What is Elo Boosting Service?

After knowing what Elo-hell is and how it works, we are eager to introduce you to one of the best Elo Boosting Services, offered by eloboostleague. As you know, overcoming Elo-hell isn’t a cup of tea; therefore, hiring a professional player is mandatory if you are new to the game or don’t have enough time to spend on it for a while. You can buy the Elo Boosting service to rank up your account and claim several achievements to showcase them on your profile.

How to escape Elo-hell?

You know what you can’t do it alone without grabbing help from professionals, champions. Playing as Jungler may help you overcome snowballing lanes, Macro, and map pressure because the said champion is ranked as the top role in the Solo queue.

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