The Best Support Champion with The Best Win Rate In Challenger

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Among the support champions currently played in League of Legends solo queue games at the Challenger rank, Vel’Koz stands out with an impressive win rate. According to League stats site, Vel’Koz boasts the highest win rate among all support champions, including Lulu, Karma, and Nautilus, with a staggering 57.1%.

This high win rate could be due to the low sample size that Vel’Koz has, despite being balanced. In fact, Vel’Koz is only the 33rd most played support champion out of 38 eligible champions, according to The low play rate may contribute to his skewed win rate.

On the other hand, other champions like Nami and Rakan, who have a slightly lower success rate, have a higher level of consistency due to having a higher number of games played.

Recently, the support position has been evolving in professional play with a trend towards picking two AD carries in the bottom lane for more poke damage and faster gold acquisition through support items. Vel’Koz also fits this strategy well due to his long-range, geometric poke during the laning phase.

For a long time, Vel’Koz was a popular choice for players at lower Elo who wanted to play a mage support and deal damage. Now, however, he’s proving to be a viable choice for high-Elo games, despite not being widely popular yet.



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