Adjustments Made to Popular Stinger SMG in Valorant

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

The competitive world of VALORANT is currently buzzing with numerous tournaments being held globally, but some players and fans have expressed their concerns over the domination of a specific sub-machine gun in eco-rounds.

Dubbed as the Stinger meta, the weapon rose to fame after the release of Patch 5.06, which buffed its firing accuracy, making it easier to control its recoil. The weapon’s low price point also made it a go-to choice for many players.

In light of these complaints, Riot Games has decided to make significant changes to the weapon, including its price and damage fall-off. According to Riot, the Stinger was outperforming its price point, especially in the early rounds, and lacking the proper economic balance.

The Stinger’s price will be increased from 950 credits to 1100, making it a heavier blow to a team’s economy if they fail a round. The weapon’s damage will also fall off more quickly, with each bullet dealing 27 damage from 0-15 meters and 23 damage beyond that distance.

As a result, the Stinger will be less effective in various situations, leading to a decrease in its usage in both professional play and solo queue. Currently, it ranks as the third-most used weapon in the 2024 VCT North American Challengers, following the Vandal and Phantom, as reported by VALORANT statistics aggregator



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