Is it smart to get a boosting service for your Season 11 placements?

As we know, mostly everyone has an hard time while doing their placements, if you get trolls or afk’s in our game you will lose a lot of games and that means that you will not get super goods results on your placements and you will be lower rank than you were last season and that’s not what we expect on our placement matches.

So the question is, would be smart to get some elo boosting help on your placements?

If your goal is to get as many wins as you can and you can’t do it alone, you can always get a little help and duo with an high elo friend or get a booster to join your queue to guarantee the max wins possible, that way you won’t have all that drama of climbing back to your last season rank and you can basically start your jorney at least where you ended on the previous season.
Placements can be a really pain when you go let’s say 4-6 and you go down a full tier to climb back it will take you a lot of time and the lower rank you play the more players not wanting to win you will find that don’t take the game as serious as you do.

In case you play with someone higher elo in duo you’ll be able to improve and learn while playing too and that’s always a plus and having your wins and higher rank once you complete your placements is what you want, so if you can’t really carry the games alone getting some help doesn’t hurt at all.

With Riot changing all the store and adding new items to the game it gets harder to know all the matchups and what’s the best build to do on your champion or what should you use if you are behind and want to get back to the game, the best option before you do your placement games is to play a lot of normal games so you can get used to all the changes since there are a lot in this new season and things can get a bit more complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing

OAnce season starts we know that there are a lot of accounts with boosters doing elo boost on them and if we face them it’s super hard to win the game since they are always Challenger players against you.

Season has started so let’s get our placement games done and dominated summoners right!

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