Forcing new players to wait 9 levels for smite and flash still doesn’t make any sense.

When you start playing League of Legends, your main goal is to learn the game and get your account to level 30 so you can start playing ranked games and unlock all queues.

During your leveling up journey you are only able to unclock Smite and Flash once you get level 9, for this reason you are only start playing Jungle once you get some levels on your account, Riot says that jungle is one of the most important roles in the game and a big part on how the game should be played so why have smith locked for new players until they get level 9, there are a lot of new players who prefer to start playing Jungle once they start playing League of Legends, but they can’t because of this leveling restrictions.

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Riot can simply add Smith as Level  1 and can also add a new tutorial for new Jungler players with all the details on how you can learn and be better playing one of the most important roles in game.

With smite I can somehow understand why is locked till level 9, I guess Riot wishes that new players know how to play lanes first before going to jungle, because Jungle is one of the hardest roles, Riot prefers that players try first playing a lane to get some know how about the game before choosing the hardest roles, but still we should let players decide what they want instead of give them restrictions right after they start playing the game, regarding Flash it completely makes no sense having it locked until you get level 9.

Patch 11.6 notes

With +150 champions to be played, around 98% of the champions are played with flash, so from all the summoners spells flash is the most use one by far, players shouldn’t be waiting and play so many games without using the most used summoner spell, Riot could provide flash and heal as the first summoner spells for a level 1 players so they can start from beginning to get used to flash instead of giving them ghost which is a spell that they won’t use so often and not so hard to be used comparing to flash.

We can say that this is basically a smurf-only issue but we’ve seen thousands of new players complaining that they would like to begin the game as jungler, and maybe if they could be a jungler on earlier levels, there would be better junglers in the lower level and elos. Did Riot ever asked new players if they would like to jungle or have Flash on level 1?

But of course as I mentioned above to add smite on level 1, Riot will also need to add a tutorial for Jungle which I think that honestly is a an excellent idea having such tutorial.

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